New Products and Releases

Internet Pay Online

Complete Computer Solutions helps your customer access their own account information and Pay Online anytime!

Complete Computer Solutions provides you and your customers with the ability to view and pay Accounts Receivable invoices on-line, utilizing a safe and secure environment, with the ability to enter information to pay by check or credit card. They may pay any open invoice, re-distribute open credit amounts or make a pre-payment on their account.

Paper-Less/Less-Paper Archive System Solution!

Save paper and streamline your office. Anything that is currently printed from Complete Computer Solutions Accounting Packages may be saved and retrieved electronically.

  • View edit lists and registers on the screen before printing, or don't print them at all! No need to run to the printer for an edit list. Choose what to save, what to print, what doesn't need printing
  • Archive electronic copies of anything that is "printed"
  • Documents are indexed by date & time, login, and title
  • Documents may be e-mailed or recalled from the archive for audit or review
  • Documents may be viewed with any web browser, anywhere!

Server-Less Office

Let Complete Computer Solutions maintain the server and backup your data for you! We have some of the fastest servers on the market for you to get your billing and accounting done while they are housed and maintained here in our office.

  • No computer servers to buy, repair, update or maintain!
  • Secure Virtual Private Network(VPN) connection
  • Access your data from work, home, in the field
  • Your data is backed up to tape daily and monthly
  • Includes license for Paper-Less Archive System
  • Multiple servers with battery backup
  • Your customer has immediate access to "Internet Pay Online" account information

eDraft Bank Draft Solution

Increases cash flow through the fast electronic drafting of customers' business bank accounts to pay for products and services sold.

  • Draft customer's bank account to pay for outstanding Accounts Receivable (A/R) invoices manually, or automatically based on terms set up by customer account
  • Full e-Mail notification of draft amounts and dates
  • Exported to your bank's EFT NACHA draft interface