Fuels Accounts Receivable (FAR)

Complete Computer Solutions' Fuels Accounts Receivable (FAR) package is an extremely flexible, easy to use receivables program.

  • Accounts Receivable: Pricing, Budgets, Discounts, Payment Plans, Statements, Credit Control
  • Enter/Update: Deliveries, Payments, Service Calls
  • Delivery Tickets: By Delivery Zone, Credit Status


Posting transactions to FAR is quick and efficient. In order to speed and simplify the input process, accounts receivable transactions are divided into four separate groups.

  • Fuel Delivery Posting from Delivery Tickets
  • Payment Posting (which can optionally include a discount amount)
  • Service Call Posting
  • Miscellaneous Posting

For each of these groups there is a separate input program. Therefore, the operator need only input the information which is specific to that separate group. This makes the programs both quick and simple to operate. Fuel deliveries may be scheduled for each account as:

  • Will Call
  • Degree Day with Hot Water (DDHW)
  • Julian (deliver every X days)
  • Satellite Control/Satellite Dependent
  • Degree Day with No Hot Water (DDNOHW)
  • Suspended

Delivery Information

  • Delivery zone
  • Tank size and usable capacity
  • Product code (indicates product type and price)
  • Degree Day (or Julian Day) factor for Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter
  • Degree day (of Juilan Day) of next and last delivery
  • Date, Gallons, and Elapsed Degree days for past four deliveries
  • Delivery and billing addresses (including billing and delivery phone numbers and contact)

Billing and Credit Information

  • Optional Bill-to another account (for landlords)
  • On-time discount and per gallon discount
  • Service plan date/service plan price for automatic billing
  • Payment Status (Budget, COD, etc.)
  • Credit limit
  • Aged balances (current-30-60-90-120 and over)
  • Last payment date and amount

System Information

  • Maximum % over/under ideal drop
  • Optimum delivery %
  • DDHW of last delivery
  • Hot Water/No Hot Water Degree Day of last delivery
  • Julian day of last delivery
  • Current season
  • Company name

Easy Access Inquiry from your PC

  • Lookup accounts by name, address or phone
  • Transaction History by Account
  • Transaction History by Invoice/Receipt No
  • General account information
  • Service Call History by Account
  • Delivery and Contract Inquiry

Automatic Monthly Processing

  • Age Past-Due Balances
  • Post Finance charges
  • Charge service and tank contracts ending next month
  • Print (optionally e-mail) Customer Statements

General Ledger Distribution

Within the C.C.S. FAR system, General Ledger account information is accumulated daily. Combined with the General Ledger programs (if licensed) the Fuel Oil dealer may print professional looking Balance Sheets and Income Statements.
General Ledger entries are then accumulated throughout the month, and can then be printed at month-end (or at any time that is convenient) in the FAR General Ledger Distribution Report. These entries can then be posted automatically to your General Ledger System, or can be used as input to a manual system.