General Ledger

  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Changes
  • Trend Reporting: Up to 6 periods side-by-side
  • Multiple Profit Centers

CPA Power Plus CEO Responsiveness

No matter what the size or nature of your business, no matter what your bookkeeping requirements, the C.C.S. General Ledger Management program can make life a lot easier at every level, from bookkeeper to Chief Executive Officer.

C.C.S. General Ledger System

  • Frees you from period and date limitations
  • Allows multiple profit center accounting
  • Prepares full schedules, or condenses multiple accounts to a single line item
  • Handles cross ratio accounting
  • Allows inquiry into any account for any period on either printout or on the screen
  • Allows entry of adjustment correction in any period
  • Provides both standard and reversing journal entry
  • Allows custom formatting of financial statements, including single and double underlining
  • Allows for posting by percentage as well as dollar amounts
  • Processes transactions and produces interim reports for the new year even though a prior year (or period) may not have been closed
  • Uses either a 12-month or 13-period format
  • Maintains flexible period ending dates
  • Prepares full schedules for income statements, balance sheets and trend reports
  • Produces ratios for cost of sales and gross profit based on sales or volume

Gives you the control of a high-powered comptroller

C.C.S.' General Ledger gives you a razor sharp picture of your financial condition, and tight control over your financial destiny. The system:

  • Provides a detailed inquiry on any account
  • Prints forecasts and pro-forma reports
  • Generates estimated daily profit and loss statements and balance sheets
  • Gives you immediate comparison and trend reports on sales, expenses, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Provides comprehensive comparison reports to budgets or prior year figures
  • Provides an inquiry of net profit or loss
  • Provides an inquiry of payroll transactions by employee