Cardlock Invoicing Sub-System

  • Invoice: Monthly / semi-monthly / on demand. Print / Fax / e-mail
  • Price: By margin, by contract, by volume, by group
  • Report: By station, by product, by customer
  • Connect: Fueling networks, all popular equipment

With smaller and smaller margins these days, it's important to know you're not giving the fuel away below cost, to know where that fuel is going, and to price it at a fair market value! The customer needs to see miles per gallon and cost per mile on a clear, timely and accurate invoice with pricing incentives to keep them coming back.
At Complete Computer Solutions, we have served Cardlock fuel marketers since 1979, just as the first Cardlocks were replacing Keylocks. We know how important these things are to your business!

Invoice / Price

Cardlock Invoices are generated by card/vehicle in a flexible format detailing fueling activity, MPG and cost per mile with totals by card/vehicle and invoice recaps by region.
Great flexibility in pricing is available by date; cents per gallon margin, by customer, site and product, fixed contract pricing, pricing based on volume purchased by product or total volume, and group pricing. An on-time payment discount message may be printed on selected customer invoices, discount by percentage based on volume purchased.

Cardlock Invoice detail can be automatically faxed, e-mailed, or posted to a public Internet Web server from your computer for those fleet customers who wish to stay on top of their fuel purchases, and track their vehicles' fueling locations and mileage daily. Invoices may be faxed or mailed as often as you require to improve cash flow and collections! Cardlock Invoices may be available 24 hours a day on the Internet at a Secure Web site for download and viewing at your customer's convenience.


Reports in the Cardlock Invoicing system include Product Sales Analysis by pricing level with number of customers, gallons and dollars, Month-to-date and Year-to-date. The Cardlock Station Productivity report shows gallons and dollars by station and pump. A complete detailed history is kept to print by account, card, vehicle by date and by product all transactions purchased to help satisfy any customer's reporting requirements. Connections to Fueling Network computers and all popular cardlock equipment is simple with tools developed by CCS. Fleet management tools may be optionally added to track vehicle service history, rebuilding and maintenance costs by vehicle.


Cardlock A/R transactions may be automatically posted to Complete Computer Solutions Accounts Receivable packages, or posted to another mini- or mainframe computer system. Any of the Cardlock report data may be exported into spreadsheet format. Complete Computer Solutions software packages inport data from the CFN and Pacific Pride networks making the most of your computer investment!