Accounts Payable

  • Invoice Entry with G/L interface and
    duplicate invoice checking
  • Check Printing
  • Cash Requirements Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
Complete Computer Solutions' ACCOUNTS PAYABLE provides you with a powerful capability to:

  • Get an overall picture of payables for better control of cash flow
  • Process vendor invoices quickly, easily, and accurately
  • Generate audit trails on any account with transaction details
  • Select or defer invoices for payment by any specified date
  • Generate history reports of paid invoices by vendor, voucher number or date
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Print 1099 forms
  • Optionally Print check forms on your laser printer

Flexible Accounts Payable automation

Easily accommodate a wide variety of cash flow situations and offers comprehensive support for those all-important tasks that depart from the "regular routine". To list a few examples, the system:

  • Allows for pre-paid as well as manually paid invoices
  • Enables you to experiment with different payment cut-off dates to match your cash requirements
  • Allows entering of new payables, credits and pre-paid invoices at any time, in any combination
  • Entry of vouchers can be made using any date. Since system is date oriented, the invoice date entered will be used when creating the general ledger accounts payable entry
  • Allows payment of vouchers by date, vendor and vendor number in any combination
  • Provides for writing manual checks off-site
  • Allows multiple checking accounts
  • Invoices may be paid by credit card

Control Your Cash

When it comes to control, you can't get too much of a good thing.
Always knowing where your payables stand provides you with a better fix on your company's cash flow requirements. You should be able to get as many management control check-points as you like without effort and without burdening your system or the people operating it. So at the touch of a few keys the C.C.S. system:

  • Provides for inquiry of vendor transactions
  • Automates vendor invoicing
  • Summarizes payables due now as well as those due later
  • Provides standard entries for periodic payments such as rent or loans
  • Provides complete history printouts of paid invoices by vendor, voucher number or date
  • Provides inquiries in bank statement format for checks outstanding
  • Prints your total payables by vendor and age
  • Reports the value of discounts taken and lost
  • Accumulates total invoices for each vendor received year-to-date and provides statistical reporting of vendor activity
  • Provides for voiding of checks and adjustments to existing vouchers


To effectively manage a business today, its leaders should have the ability to take as many "snapshots" of the operation as necessary, often on impulse, or at any moment of decision that may arise between traditional reporting points.  With the C.C.S. system, nothing could be easier.

  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Outstanding Check Report
  • Vendor Master List
  • Vendor Status Report
  • Vendor Analysis Report
  • General Ledger Master List
  • General Ledger Distribution Report
  • Pre-Check Writing Report
  • Deferred Payment Report
  • 1099 forms

Automatic Interfaces

  • C.C.S. General Ledger
  • C.C.S. Job Cost
  • C.C.S. Bill of Lading
  • C.C.S. Convenience Store Accounting