A Short History of Complete Computer Solutions

Complete computer solutions since 1979!

  • We started out in 1979 selling an 8" floppy disk microcomputer system to CPAs and small businesses. Soon after, the hardware was upgraded to allow multiple users on the same microcomputer. Multiple user computers, software, and Data Base systems over the years have continued to be the largest part of our business. we installed 2 UNIX computer server network with close to 100 terminals and devices on-line.
  • We were one of the first companies in the early 1980s to extract cardlock transactions from the cardlock equipment to provide invoicing and billing services as jobbers grew and added more cardlock sites. Cardlock networks began to get organized, and CCS helped jobbers split transactions among participants as networks expanded. Today's organized networks allow jobbers to sell more product, and CCS continues to help analyze and organize the sales and Accounts Receivable information jobbers need to compete.
  • At Complete Computer Solutions we sell a complete solution, hardware, software, training and installation, and we only sell what we know will work! Most of the software we sell has been developed and modified by us. Our largest market is for customized applications, and these customized applications give our customers the edge over their competitors.
  • We offer software packages to run in the LINUX, UNIX, and Windows environments. Our Data Base Management System (DBMS) is integrated into our Wholesale Distributors Accounts Receivable, Fuels A/R, Cardlock, Bill of Lading, C-Store, Fleet Management, Purchase Order, Point of Sale, Truck Point of Sale, Credit Bureau, Bank Fax/Draft, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable systems.
  • Complete Computer Solutions is an authorized reseller for Hewlett-Packard and RedHat Linux. We are also a Hewlett-Packard Service Parts Center and have found HP products to be very reliable and trouble-free over the years.